Summer Family Photo Session | Somerset Lavender Fields

The thing that hit me the most when I arrived at the Somerset Lavender Fields ( to photograph Lizzie ( and her gorgeous family, was the smell! The most overpowering but wonderful smell of Lavender!

This sounds obvious but I wasn't expecting it to be so strong. I thought to myself, this is going to make us all feel sleepy, or it will energise us (as lavender can actually do both!). And it did indeed do both! 

As we started the shoot everyone was full of energy! Lizzie and Jon's beautiful children, Harry and Katie, were joyfully running through the lavender, stopping to have a little sniff as they went.

We all walked and ran and fell on the floor as they meandered through the fields on one of the hottest days of the year. It was so magical to capture them all as a family of four and then break off and capture just mummy and daughter and dad and son. There was a beautiful oak tree at the far end of the field which we made our way to and it provided a lovely backdrop (and shade) for a few posed images.

Whether it was the sun or the lavender, everyone started to feel a bit tired so we broke off for some lavender cake and a delicious glass of lavender lemonade! This proved to be a perfect opportunity for Harry and Katie to try out their photo skills on my camera. I was impressed with the outcome! They took some great shots of their parents and each other. These two kids had the most amazing energy, they were so friendly and confident which is testament to their wonderful parents. 

Once we felt revived, we got a few more shots in the lavender fields and one of my favourites of the whole shoot is of Lizzie and Jon in a beautiful and intimate embrace. 

Each member of this family has their own unique personality yet all come together so perfectly and in sync with each other. It was such a privilege to capture them.


jess cheetham