Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my tiny corner of the internet, I am so glad you found me. My name is Jess. And I am a documentary family photographer from Bath, Somerset. And to put it simply, I adore photographing people. Babies, children, adults, elderly people, you name it, whoever you are, I want to take your picture.

I live with my husband, my beautiful 2 year old son Edward and of course we mustn’t forget our feisty cat Agatha, who is a little forgotten now since Edward arrived (sorry Ags!).

I studied fine art at Edinburgh College of Art for four years and I also studied documentary photography at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for a semester. My short time living in America was one of the best experiences of my life. And this is where my love of photography was born. I spent 12 weeks photographing strippers at various different strip clubs in Providence, RI. I met some amazing women who all had a different story to tell. That body of work still continues to inspire me. 

After working in the art world for a number of years I decided to go back to my own creative practice and combine my two major passions; photography and family life.



After I became a Mum I didn't realise I would find so much inspiration in all the smaller life moments with my child; the ordinary, day to day stuff.  And after only a few months into my new motherhood journey I had this urge to document our real life, in all its gritty, raw, struggling beauty. Every day, ordinary, mundane life. So that one day I can look back and know exactly what our life was like at that period of our lives. Not us posing in a studio or with a scenic back drop, wearing beautiful outfits with freshly washed hair. No enhancements to try and make our lives look ‘better’ or our family to look ‘picture perfect’. A real snapshot of a real family living their actual life. 

I wanted us on our sofa lounging around as we do so often. I wanted images of us making our breakfast in our pajamas and the mess of thrown scrambled eggs on the floor courtesy of our two year old. I wanted images of the daily furor of getting him dressed and wrangling a tooth brush in his mouth for a few seconds. I wanted images of the exhausting mission to get out the door in the morning. I wanted our real expressions of boredom, frustration, upset and sadness. But also of genuine joy, hilarity, laughter, huge bear hugs, love, and contentment. And kisses, so many kisses for our little boy.

My approach is a mixture of documentary and fine art portraiture to create a series of beautiful images that tell the story of your family. I promise you will feel at ease in my company and there will be zero awkward posing. There is so much beauty in normal life. Lets create some art together.


(Photo’s by the beautiful and overwhelmingly talented Alice Chapman Photography)


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