Your normal, every day life is breathtaking beautiful.

Little moments of magic are always there. But sometimes you need someone to help you see it.

I get it, you’re thinking, how can pictures of us eating lunch, brushing teeth or getting the children ready to get out the door be interesting let alone beautiful?! Well it can, it really really can. These seemingly boring and uninspiring moments of your day are the BEST part - because that is where real moments of affection, tenderness and love can often happen.

It’s those ‘in-between’ life moments that are best.

Documentary Family Photography is unposed photography of your family living your real, actual lives, with no direction from me. The shoots are unscripted, undirected and entirely spontaneous. Whatever happens, happens! I am simply an observer of your families life and document whatever is happening in front of me. I record fleeting moments of life, however mundane they may seem at the time, so you can remember the little, in-between life moments, that eventually will be more priceless than the bigger moments.

 An aerial shot of a mothering mother sitting on her couch tandem breastfeeding her twin daughters during this intimate documentary family photo session in Sussex.
 Toddler height shot of mother leaning aginst the wall in her hallway holding hands with her three year old son whilst he looks up to her during photoshoot in Bath.


Why do I think real life is better than posed? Because it’s showing YOU, completely. And ‘YOU’ is awesome. 

Quite simply, I come and I hang out with you and your family for either a few hours or a whole day. And I photograph a day in the life of you. No directing, no posing. Everything I document is real. Every moment, laugh, expression, smile, tantrum, tears, hugs and kisses.

Time is incredibly transient and fleeting, and I have never felt this more since I became a Mum. When I look at images of real life moments I am literally transported back to that time, place and moment; it’s like having a time machine.

I am able to capture moments of your life that would otherwise be lost; raw moments of intimacy within your beautiful daily life.

You don’t need to dress up, you don’t even need to put make-up on if you don’t want to. Your real life is more beautiful than you think.

 Through the doorway shot of a mother changing her daughter's nappy during this documentary family photography session in Sussex UK.
 A mother walks down the stairs holding a baby in her arms and a toddler in front of her during this day in the life photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.
 A toddler sits on her mothers lap in their home in Bristol during this day in the life photo session.

Here is a behind the scenes look at a in-home documentary family photo session with me!


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 Birds eye view of toddler sat in the bath, looking towards his right hand side while holding toy during family photography session in Bath.
 A young boy clutches on to his mother's leg as they prepare to leave the house to go on a family walk during family photography session in Bath.

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