Meeting Baby Rufus | Newborn Family Shoot | Bristol

Not too long ago I had the absolute joy of capturing the sweetest, teeniest newborn boy and his family at their gorgeous home in Bristol. This newborn family session at home was all documentary which allowed me the freedom to capture this beautiful family just as they are on a typical Sunday afternoon, making tea, eating cake, breastfeeding the new baby, playing board games and riding on Daddy’s back. No posing, no directing, just simple, normal, ordinary Sunday afternoon life with a newborn. And it was heartwarming. Filled with so much love, joy and beauty.

 An aerial shot of a newborn lying on his back on a white sheet looking up at the camera.

We meandered through the afternoon at a beautiful slow and relaxing pace, the two eldest children ran in and out of rooms and up and down the hallway with so much energy, but would occasionally stop to peek over mum and dad’s shoulder to get another look at their tiny newborn baby brother. Their love for him was in abundance already.


The little new addition to the family was settling in very well. He seemed very pleased with his new surroundings and was very content nestling into his parents, who in turn were in a state of total contentment and overflowing love. Even though they weren’t getting much sleep, they were europhic.

 A mother stands in her kitchen and holds her newborn over her shoulder as her husband stands next to her stroking their babies cheek during this documentary family photography session in Bristol.

Mum is a total superwoman and in-between breastfeeding her newborn, she still made sure she had quality time with her eldest two children, and sat and played a board game with them whilst Dad had some one on one time with his new son.

 A mother sits on the floor with her children in their living room playing a board game during this relaxed family photo shoot in Bristol.

We then went upstairs so Mum could breastfeed her babe from the comfort of her bed, but was shortly joined by big sister who came up for cuddles and kisses and then big brother. And before too long everyone was upstairs and poor Dad had become a human horse, carrying his eldest around on his back, which they found hilarious.

 A father crawls around the floor giving his children a ride on his back during this newborn photo session in Bristol.

I love meeting new families, getting to know them and seeing a glimpse of their lives and their story. And what I love about documentary photography is that I cannot prepare for a shoot as I don’t know what is going to happen once I am there, it is filled with surprises. I have no idea what sort of images I will get from the shoot. I am simply spending time with this family and reacting to moments as they happen in front of me and capturing genuine expressions, feelings, emotions as the happen in real time. They are always full of surprises and it’s wonderful.

Here are some more images from the shoot!

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I am Jess Cheetham, an award winning family photographer based in Bath, Somerset. I specialise in documentary style photography that is unposed, natural and real. Every single family is unique and therefore each shoot I do is different and brings new surprises, emotions and memories. I am honoured to be invited into your lives and capture some of your most private and intimate moments. These sessions are beautifully intimate and respectful and aim to capture you as family in the most authentic and connected way. 

Best Family Photos of 2018 | Documentary Family Photography | Jess Cheetham | Bath Somerset

2018 has been a huge year for me photography wise. It was my first year in business and I am so blessed at how many wonderful, beautiful and joyful families I have had the pleasure of meeting this year.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is ‘what is documentary family photography’?

To put it simply, documentary family photography is me capturing or ‘documenting’ your REAL LIFE. With no posing, no scripted activities and no direction from me. Just you and your family going about your every day as you normally would. So that real and spontaneous moments, emotions and feelings can appear naturally (which can make for some killer candid images and portraits!).

Have you ever seen a candid photo someone has snapped of you without you realising? And when you see it you love how you look, you love how relaxed you look, a natural, real smile, or a wistful far away dreamy look? Having a photo shoot can be nerve wracking, (as someone who also finds posing in front of a camera very awkward, I get it) which is why documentary style photo shoots are perfect for those people who hate having their picture taken! You don’t have to do anything except be yourself and try and forget I am there!

I choose this wonderfully free and creative style of photography because I prefer to photograph people and moments without directing anyone. I want to capture real moments as they are really happening in front of me, because I believe those images tell a richer story of you and your family. They are a snapshot of a moment in time, that may seem insignificant and would otherwise be forgotten, but in years to come are so so precious.

Who told us that our normal, domestic life is boring or not photo worthy? Why do we think we have to be dressed up and doing something really fun or exciting or interesting for it to be documented? Real life is so much more colourful, so beautiful, always hilariously funny and incredibly photo worthy.

Navigating my way through these shoots as the photographer is fascinating. I love the uncharted waters we are all in, the spontaneity and knowing that we will be creating a little bit of art of a normal moment in their lives. I never know what kind of images I am going to get from one shoot to the next and I try to ensure I have no preconceived ideas about the kind of shots I want to get.

What I love more than anything is when suddenly something magical happens. And they always happen entirely unprompted and just through the natural course of the day. It may be a few magical moments or just the one, but they always happen. You’ll be snapping away and then boom - the child does something or says something amazing / hilarious / momentous and you have to be quick! You’ve got to think on your feet constantly, lightening quick reactions with your settings if you are stepping into another room or if you’ve been shooting in a corner of the room where it is darker and then suddenly need to jump up and shoot by the window where its brighter.

It has been a huge learning curve for me, stepping back, not interrupting the flow of their day, and simply being a documentarian of whatever story is being told in front of me.


I would not be able to make the pictures I make without the unwavering trust and openness from the families I photograph. They invite me into their homes, into very real and personal spaces and allow me to capture beautifully intimate moments and I want to thank all the families I have photographed in 2018 for allowing me to document their beautiful lives.

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I am Jess Cheetham, an award winning family photographer based in Bath, Somerset. I specialise in documentary style photography that is unposed, natural and real. Every single family is unique and therefore each shoot I do is different and brings new surprises, emotions and memories. I am honoured to be invited into your lives and capture some of your most private and intimate moments. These sessions are beautifully intimate and respectful and aim to capture you as family in the most authentic and connected way. 

Natural Family Session | Unposed Family Photography | Westonbirt Arboretumn

The Season of Change

Autumn is my favourite season, mainly because of the changing colours of the trees, the cooler temperatures from summer and the stunning clear and bright sunlight we get. For me, autumn also meant the start of something new, or starting over. I feel this much more strongly than I do at actual New Year time in december, perhaps because autumn is the start of the school year, it always meant a fresh start and a sense of hope and optimism; a season of change.

My autumnal family photo shoot with Amy Jane and her husband, Gareth, and toddler son, Freddie, was beautiful. We were blessed with the sunniest of days and the natural light was beautiful as it dappled through the trees at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire.  

 A young family of three stand under a tree during autumn family photo shoot at Westonbirt Arboretum.

They are a gorgeous family, so gentle with their son and so attentive and interested in everything he was doing. Never hurrying him along just going at his pace and allowing him to experience the Arboretum and letting him gravitate to whatever he liked. He was so curious! I love how little ones make you stop and look at the world through their eyes. Everything is new, everything is fascinating and exciting. It’s sad in a way how we lose that as adults, but so inspiring when a child allows us to get that curiosity back. A plane in the sky, a leaf, a twig, a tree to climb! 

 A toddler  crouches down and peers underneath a tree looking directly ar the camera during autumn family photo shoot at Westonbirt Arboretum.

As a photographer it’s also important to not snap away constantly but to get to know your subjects, especially the children and allow them breathing space in-between shots. It was nice to spend a portion of the shoot just chatting with Amy as Freddie played. Amy and her husband were so lovely, so kind and conscientious. Amy opened up quite quickly to me and was very candid about how she is parenting her son in a very gentle way. She has so much understanding, empathy and respect for this little person. She observes the natural rhythms of her son and often follows his lead. She is an incredibly mindful person and very aware of the world, the environment and what we need to do to make it a better place for our children. 

 A toddler tires to put his hat on his mothers head as his father holds him during this autumnal family photo shoot at Westonbirt Arboretum.

I heard on the radio today that we are the last generation to be able to salvage the damage we have caused to our planet and turn things around. If we allow our children to bear this burden and clean up the mess we have made, it will be too late and our planet will already be dying. 

Amy has really inspired me to become more eco-friendly in the home, by making really easy, small swaps. It’s all basic common sense really. When you pour bleach down the toilet, where do we all think it’s going?! And all the one-use non bio-degradable plastics? Probably end up in a turtle’s stomach. You don’t have to be ‘hippies’ or self-sufficient vegans living off your land in Hawaii to become more environmentally and ecologically friendly. If we all do it, you can make small sustainable changes, that will ultimately make BIG changes. 

What happens if climate change becomes so bad that the concept of four seasons may eventually become obsolete and our beautiful, sunny, chilly, red leafed season of autumn no longer exists? 

Don’t we want to leave the world in the best state it can be in for our children growing up? Why wouldn’t we want cleaner oceans? Why wouldn’t we want to save all wildlife species? And why wouldn’t we want to preserve this gem of planet that has been gifted to us?

But it’s up to us, the parents, don’t let it be our children’s job to clear up after us. 

Follow @amyjaneandbaby on Instagram and join her and me and thousands of others doing the #smallsustainableswaps challenge. 

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Welcoming Baby Roma | Newborn Family Photography | Somerset

Why having a third baby doesn’t rock the balance of the family

I had the privilege of meeting the most wonderful, lively and beautiful family the other day. Kerry and Warren are parents to three beautiful girls; Sienna (5), Aria (2 ½ ) and the newest third baby, Roma (5 weeks). 

 A family of five jump and laugh and cuddle on their bed during this day in the life session in Somerset.

Even though it was our first meeting I was greeted with such warmth! They both gave me big hugs and I immediately felt so comfortable and like I’d known them for years.

They appear to be total pros at this parenting game. They are very calm and collected and laid back, and this chilled and happy energy is clearly having a very positive effect on the girls. Sienna and Aria were very content with anything they set their minds to. They played happily next to each other most of the morning, firstly with their beautiful giant dolls house that even Aria had to go on tippy toes to reach the top. They played with their play kitchen and they coloured in like the mini artists they are. 

 A shot through a door frame of daughter showing her father a picture she has drawn during this relaxed at-home photo session in Somerset.

Coffee was made in their fabulous American style filter coffee machine and there was a jolly buzz to this otherwise rainy Sunday morning in Somerset. I wondered if Warren felt outnumbered, now with a third baby. He said no but I imagine living in a family of four ladies is going to have its challenges down the line! I have a sneaky suspicion though that this laid-back Dad isn’t going to let much stress get to him.


Parenting is a stressful game with one, even more so with two, but surely having a third baby just tips the balance right? Not for these rock stars. Roma was breastfed by a standing Kerry as she helped the girls with their colouring and was later held and cuddled by Warren whilst he did some puzzles with the girls.

 A mother holds her new born baby close to her chest as she stands in her kitchen.

We barely heard a peep from Roma, but her big inquisitive and beautiful eyes told us she was very much aware of what was going on and was enjoying her weekend with her big sisters and Mummy and Daddy. What was most heart-warming was seeing the girls with her, so gentle and kind and curious. And so accepting of this new person in their family; you could already see their protectiveness over their littlest, tiny sister. 

 A close up shot of newborn baby being held by her mother whilst she breastfeeds during this newborn session in Somerset.

I really loved these guys! They are literally going with the flow of parenting and taking all the rough with the smooth and not letting any of the in-between crap get to them, which I think we could all do more of. Take more in our stride, slow down, and get perspective. 


I also loved how relaxed they were for me, we honestly got to a point where they forgot I was even there, which made for the most real and authentic family photographs. I almost forgot to mention their dog, female of course, who was also very chill! 


Kerry is quite an incredible woman. Not only has she grown and birthed three humans in her petite body, she is a stay at home mum and a really successful blogger. I honestly don’t know how she has the time. And has now taken on the challenge of vlog October (which is creating a vlog every day during October)! Kerry and Warren, I bow down to you guys. You have it sussed and I want to know your secret!


Here are some more images from the shoot! 

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Single Mum Loving Life | Family Photography | Bath

Single Mum and LOVING LIFE.

I met the wonderful woman that is Kerry Howard quite by chance on Instagram not so long ago and I felt compelled to contact her and photograph her. She seemed to have an amazing energy that I really wanted to capture. She is a newly single mum of two exquisite boys; Wes who is 4 and Cal who is 14 months.
We spent the morning taking gorgeous photos of her and her two boys in her beautiful house and garden, spending time in each room. It was a very relaxed and intimate shoot.

 A mother sits on some steps outside of her house with her two young sons next to her.

Being a single mum is, I imagine, one of the most exhausting experiences a person could have. You are burdened with the same challenges as a two-parent family—but you’re doing it alone. Yet it is equally one of the most joyful experiences a person could have. You get to do all of the work, yes, but you also reap most of the rewards.


I wanted to ask her how she remains so happy and energetic while juggling two children, work, and all of the other responsibilities’ life gives us. The truth is I didn’t need to ask her how, I could just feel her empowerment by being a single mum. It was radiating from her, gaining strength from her children and the beautiful life she is giving them. And she took great joy in immersing herself in activities with her children and sharing those moments with them.

We started the shoot outside and took advantage of the beautiful bright and clear sunny day. We then meandered through her garden and Wes showed me his amazing miniature Harley Davidson! He also showed me is lovely herb and vegetable garden which he took great pride in.

 A little boy sits on his miniature motorbike in his garden as his mother and baby brother look on smiling.

We then moved indoors where Kerry and her boys snuggled on the sofa for some beautifully intimate shots. The connection and love between these three was palpable! 

 A mother cuddles her two young sons on the sofa with her during this relaxed and intimated family session in Bath.

After a bit of den making, and a quick trip to the (amazingly colourful and well stocked) pantry for biscuits, we climbed up their four flights of stairs right to the top of the house where Wes showed me his amazing red London Bus bed! 


We finished the shoot with jumping on and off Mummy’s bed and a few stolen cuddles and kisses. These two boys are just gorgeous, and they love their beautiful mama A LOT! 


I hope this shoot gives two fingers up to the patriarchy, what a conventional ‘family portrait’ looks like and indeed what a conventional ‘family’ looks like. It doesn’t exist. We all come in different shapes and sizes and so do our emotions and our families and our life experiences. This is family life at its realest and rawest and most beautiful. 

For this single mum loving life, and who is rocking it. 


Here are more images from the shoot!

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Motherhood with two under two | Family Photography | Yeovil, Somerset


Recently I had the privilege of documenting a snapshot of Somerset blogger Georgina Clarke ( and her two beautiful children, Rory (20 months) and Elin (6 months). She has become a Mum for the second time and really opened up to me about her highs and lows of motherhood with two under two.

 A mother laughs as she looks at her baby she is holding on her lap during this day in the life photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.

She had never met me before, we had obviously chatted over Instagram prior to the shoot, but in some respects, she didn't know me from Adam.  Yet I was invited into such a personal space not just her physical (lovely) home, but a real and raw personal space in her mind and her heart. I was gifted some truly intimate moments with her and her two babies and I felt moved by the amount of trust and openness this mother had with me. 

 A toddler boy stands looking directly at the camera as his mother sits next to him kissing his hand during this day in the life family photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.

She is a full-time stay at home / work at home mother and as the same myself, it felt lovely to meet someone ‘in the same boat’ - kinda - because I don’t have two under two!  She seems to have mastered the art of looking effortlessly gorgeous, make up always done, hair looking nice whilst managing to have two very happy and content children. One is breastfed and still attached to Georgina in a baby carrier a lot of the time and Rory is an incredibly dynamic and intelligent boy, and luckily for him his mummy knows this and does wonderful Montessori activities with him.

 A mother walks down the stairs holding a baby in her arms and a toddler in front of her during this day in the life photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.

We started off the shoot at home where I was treated to a little glimpse into what a normal morning is like for these three. Snuggles on the sofa, playing with toys, watching a bit of TV, nappy changes, cups of tea, boob feeds, cuddles upstairs in the babies’ bedroom and some reading. Even though I am sure a lot of the time she is exhausted, I was amazed by her enthusiasm and general vigour for life. And the connection she has with her children was quite wonderful to capture.

 A baby stares directly at the camera as she is being held by her mother as they sit on the floor of their bedroom during this intimate at home photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.

We then got ready to go out for a little stroll to their local park. We were amidst the crazy heatwave so we all got a bit sweaty walking to the park but the joy on Rory’s face when he saw the park and the sand pit was just the sweetest.  

 Toddler sits in a swing as his mother pushes him whilst holding her baby girl in a sling in their local park during this day in the life family photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.

Motherhood is hard work and it’s even harder with two under two and trying to run your own business. She is more than succeeding at both and I can feel myself bowing down to her obvious ninja skills at multitasking.

 Mother pushes her toddler in a swing whilst holding her baby girl in a sling in their local park during this day in the life family photo session in Yeovil, Somerset.

I loved photographing this beautiful, fiercely intelligent and hilarious mummy with her equally as beautiful and intelligent two under two. You got this, Mama!

Below are some more images from the shoot!


A Morning in the Life | Documentary Family Photography | Wiltshire

I love in-home sessions. It such a privilege being invited into somebodies home which is such a private and personal space and having a glimpse into their every day life. I love capturing those really REAL moments for people. I love it even more when they look at the images after the shoot and go 'I would have never thought to photograph that - but it makes such a lovely image!'.

I love creating beautiful images of normal, domestic life. Images they did not think were photo worthy or maybe even interesting, but they are! They are moments in time that may otherwise in years to come be forgotten. A rainy Sunday morning in July, no big day out planned, no special occasion. But making these normal every day moments, something special, something beautiful even and something to be able to look back at. 

The Hodkinson family were so wonderfully natural in front of the camera (which is a photographers dream). I barely had to direct them and simply followed them around whilst they got on with their morning. I was able to document their life as it is, unposed and unscripted and got some truly authentic moments between them as family. 

Their eldest, William, was just a delight and I think he may be a budding photographer! He had his own camera but also had a little go on mine which he loved! It was so magical seeing him interact with his little baby sister and his parents and I am honoured that he felt so relaxed around me.

Little India, who is 10 months, is just gorgeous. There are no other words for it! Beautiful little girl with a beautiful smile and personality. She had a nap over our session which meant I could really get some close-up shots of those ADORABLE chubby little legs. 

Jess and Sam were such warm, welcoming and friendly people and wonderfully doting parents. They had a serene calmness about them which meant for an amazingly harmonious vibe to their household. 



Summer Family Photo Session | Somerset Lavender Fields

The thing that hit me the most when I arrived at the Somerset Lavender Fields ( to photograph Lizzie ( and her gorgeous family, was the smell! The most overpowering but wonderful smell of Lavender!

This sounds obvious but I wasn't expecting it to be so strong. I thought to myself, this is going to make us all feel sleepy, or it will energise us (as lavender can actually do both!). And it did indeed do both! 

As we started the shoot everyone was full of energy! Lizzie and Jon's beautiful children, Harry and Katie, were joyfully running through the lavender, stopping to have a little sniff as they went.

We all walked and ran and fell on the floor as they meandered through the fields on one of the hottest days of the year. It was so magical to capture them all as a family of four and then break off and capture just mummy and daughter and dad and son. There was a beautiful oak tree at the far end of the field which we made our way to and it provided a lovely backdrop (and shade) for a few posed images.

Whether it was the sun or the lavender, everyone started to feel a bit tired so we broke off for some lavender cake and a delicious glass of lavender lemonade! This proved to be a perfect opportunity for Harry and Katie to try out their photo skills on my camera. I was impressed with the outcome! They took some great shots of their parents and each other. These two kids had the most amazing energy, they were so friendly and confident which is testament to their wonderful parents. 

Once we felt revived, we got a few more shots in the lavender fields and one of my favourites of the whole shoot is of Lizzie and Jon in a beautiful and intimate embrace. 

Each member of this family has their own unique personality yet all come together so perfectly and in sync with each other. It was such a privilege to capture them.


At Home In Somerset | Relaxed Family Photo Shoot | Somerset

A few Saturday's ago I had a gorgeous in-home mini family session with Hariette from At Home in Somerset ( She and her husband are renovating their beautiful cottage in Somerset and it is absolutely stunning. 

As I walked in the door I was greeted by their border terrier called Teddy who was full of energy and love! The beautiful Hariette then showed me around their new kitchen and then her lovely husband Shaun and their absolutely gorgeous little boy Freddie came down the stairs to greet me and wow what a cutie their baby boy is!!! I knew we were in for a good session.

We started the session off by sitting outside on the lawn with a blanket and toys for Freddie and a ball for Teddy. It was the perfect summers morning. The light was dappling through the tree they sat under and the beautiful farmhouse with sheets drying on the line behind them was the perfect back drop. 

We then moved inside the house and started in Freddie's room, which has been decorated immaculately (Hariette has amazing taste and is a natural interior designer). Freddie had a little ride on his little vintage car, which was the cutest thing ever, and then we moved into Shaun and Hariette's room where they all read Peter Rabbit and had some cuddles and kisses. Freddie started to get a little tired by this point as he'd had a busy morning - so Hariette breastfed him and he fell asleep. If he was cute when he was awake he's even cuter asleep -  the perfect little angel. We finished off with some intimate shots of Freddie sleeping and Hariette and Shaun looking over him.

It was such a relaxed and lovely shoot. I felt totally at ease in their company and I think they felt the same! We captured some truly lovely, intimate and personal moments and I am so grateful for them welcoming me into their home and being so relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

Forest School | Outdoor Nature Photography | Somerset

The other day I had the pleasure of documenting the gorgeous Suddick Family at the Hidden Woods Forest School just outside of Bath, Somerset. It was an incredibly fun and inspiring morning and did my mind and soul more good than mindfulness or meditation has done for me in a long time.

It was the saplings toddler class that we joined and once we had been briefed on safety and the forest boundaries, you were free to explore, learn and create. Free being the operative word. There is no set 'class' routine or 'ways of working'. On offer there was a craft table where the children could make a horse from sticks, socks, wool and newspaper and beads. There was a mud mountain where your little one could literally roll around in the mud if they wanted. There were hammocks and camouflage tents for some relaxing and hiding. There was a life-size woden xylophone, ropes hanging from trees to swing. There was a beautiful, large mud kitchen complete with its own muddy microwave! And there was a large open tent and covered area with benches and a gorgeous campfire. After an hour or so of exploring the activities on offer, it was time for a snack around the campfire and some singing. The morning was finished off toasting marshmallo's, can't really get much better than that can it? 

The whole morning filled me with such joy and light and inspiration and an incredible feeling of well being and confidence, that I took my own little 20month old boy there the following week. It was the perfect place for him! He is on the go and into everything and this wonderful refreshing approach to learning through exploring and creating and nature was just amazing. Being in nature eases our stress and worry, it helps us to relax and to think more clearly. It can restore our mood, give us back our energy and vitality, refresh and rejuvenate us. We know as adults we feel better and more awake and brighter from being outside, so why would our kids not feel the same? And it's not even about exercising. You don't need to run or jog or hike to feel the benefits. You can feel it just by simply BEING in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. 

All children are different, in the ways they behave, learn and think. Forest school facilitates learning from a number of different angles and attempts to find the ones which work for a particular child. It offers a new way of looking at how children learn, offering them new learning tools and a way for you to find effective ways of allowing that learning to happen.