Newborn Magic | Documentary Newborn Photoshoot | Bristol

When I am asked to do a newborn photo shoot I get very excited. Not only because it means I can see a teeny tiny cute baby, but I also love seeing the excitement and overwhelming love on the parents faces. And it is always the same look whether its first time, second time or even third time; love in total overflowing abundance!

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jess cheetham
Trust Your Instincts | Artifact Motherhood | Family Photographer Bath

It has taken me two and a bit years to trust my own instincts. It has been a sleep deprived rollercoaster of stress, worry, guilt and anxiety. Motherhood is thankless task. It is hard. it is relentless. It’s a lot. Yet sometimes it’s easy and it is always unbelievably rewarding. All it takes to turn a catastrophic day of disaster around is a little smile, or a small hand linking into yours for reassurance.

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