A Morning in the Life | Documentary Family Photography | Swindon Wiltshire

I love in-home sessions. It such a privilege being invited into somebodies home which is such a private and personal space and having a glimpse into their every day life. I love capturing those really REAL moments for people. I love it even more when they look at the images after the shoot and go 'I would have never thought to photograph that - but it makes such a lovely image!'.

I love creating beautiful images of normal, domestic life. Images they did not think were photo worthy or maybe even interesting, but they are! They are moments in time that may otherwise in years to come be forgotten. A rainy Sunday morning in July, no big day out planned, no special occasion. But making these normal every day moments, something special, something beautiful even and something to be able to look back at. 

The Hodkinson family were so wonderfully natural in front of the camera (which is a photographers dream). I barely had to direct them and simply followed them around whilst they got on with their morning. I was able to document their life as it is, unposed and unscripted and got some truly authentic moments between them as family. 

Their eldest, William, was just a delight and I think he may be a budding photographer! He had his own camera but also had a little go on mine which he loved! It was so magical seeing him interact with his little baby sister and his parents and I am honoured that he felt so relaxed around me.

Little India, who is 10 months, is just gorgeous. There are no other words for it! Beautiful little girl with a beautiful smile and personality. She had a nap over our session which meant I could really get some close-up shots of those ADORABLE chubby little legs. 

Jess and Sam were such warm, welcoming and friendly people and wonderfully doting parents. They had a serene calmness about them which meant for an amazingly harmonious vibe to their household. 



jess cheetham