At Home In Somerset | Relaxed Family Photo Shoot | Kingston Seymour Somerset

A few Saturday's ago I had a gorgeous in-home mini family session with Hariette from At Home in Somerset ( She and her husband are renovating their beautiful cottage in Somerset and it is absolutely stunning. 

As I walked in the door I was greeted by their border terrier called Teddy who was full of energy and love! The beautiful Hariette then showed me around their new kitchen and then her lovely husband Shaun and their absolutely gorgeous little boy Freddie came down the stairs to greet me and wow what a cutie their baby boy is!!! I knew we were in for a good session.

We started the session off by sitting outside on the lawn with a blanket and toys for Freddie and a ball for Teddy. It was the perfect summers morning. The light was dappling through the tree they sat under and the beautiful farmhouse with sheets drying on the line behind them was the perfect back drop. 

We then moved inside the house and started in Freddie's room, which has been decorated immaculately (Hariette has amazing taste and is a natural interior designer). Freddie had a little ride on his little vintage car, which was the cutest thing ever, and then we moved into Shaun and Hariette's room where they all read Peter Rabbit and had some cuddles and kisses. Freddie started to get a little tired by this point as he'd had a busy morning - so Hariette breastfed him and he fell asleep. If he was cute when he was awake he's even cuter asleep -  the perfect little angel. We finished off with some intimate shots of Freddie sleeping and Hariette and Shaun looking over him.

It was such a relaxed and lovely shoot. I felt totally at ease in their company and I think they felt the same! We captured some truly lovely, intimate and personal moments and I am so grateful for them welcoming me into their home and being so relaxed and natural in front of the camera.