Meeting Baby Rufus | Newborn Family Shoot | Bristol


Not too long ago I had the absolute joy of capturing the sweetest, teeniest newborn boy and his family at their gorgeous home in Bristol. This newborn family session at home was all documentary which allowed me the freedom to capture this beautiful family just as they are on a typical Sunday afternoon, making tea, eating cake, breastfeeding the new baby, playing board games and riding on Daddy’s back. No posing, no directing, just simple, normal, ordinary Sunday afternoon life with a newborn. And it was heartwarming. Filled with so much love, joy and beauty.

 An aerial shot of a newborn lying on his back on a white sheet looking up at the camera.

We meandered through the afternoon at a beautiful slow and relaxing pace, the two eldest children ran in and out of rooms and up and down the hallway with so much energy, but would occasionally stop to peek over mum and dad’s shoulder to get another look at their tiny newborn baby brother. Their love for him was in abundance already.


The little new addition to the family was settling in very well. He seemed very pleased with his new surroundings and was very content nestling into his parents, who in turn were in a state of total contentment and overflowing love. Even though they weren’t getting much sleep, they were europhic.

 A mother stands in her kitchen and holds her newborn over her shoulder as her husband stands next to her stroking their babies cheek during this documentary family photography session in Bristol.

Mum is a total superwoman and in-between breastfeeding her newborn, she still made sure she had quality time with her eldest two children, and sat and played a board game with them whilst Dad had some one on one time with his new son.

 A mother sits on the floor with her children in their living room playing a board game during this relaxed family photo shoot in Bristol.

We then went upstairs so Mum could breastfeed her babe from the comfort of her bed, but was shortly joined by big sister who came up for cuddles and kisses and then big brother. And before too long everyone was upstairs and poor Dad had become a human horse, carrying his eldest around on his back, which they found hilarious.

 A father crawls around the floor giving his children a ride on his back during this newborn photo session in Bristol.

I love meeting new families, getting to know them and seeing a glimpse of their lives and their story. And what I love about documentary photography is that I cannot prepare for a shoot as I don’t know what is going to happen once I am there, it is filled with surprises. I have no idea what sort of images I will get from the shoot. I am simply spending time with this family and reacting to moments as they happen in front of me and capturing genuine expressions, feelings, emotions as the happen in real time. They are always full of surprises and it’s wonderful.

Here are some more images from the shoot!

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I am Jess Cheetham, an award winning family photographer based in Bath, Somerset. I specialise in documentary style photography that is unposed, natural and real. Every single family is unique and therefore each shoot I do is different and brings new surprises, emotions and memories. I am honoured to be invited into your lives and capture some of your most private and intimate moments. These sessions are beautifully intimate and respectful and aim to capture you as family in the most authentic and connected way. 

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