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Why having a third baby doesn’t rock the balance of the family

I had the privilege of meeting the most wonderful, lively and beautiful family the other day. Kerry and Warren are parents to three beautiful girls; Sienna (5), Aria (2 ½ ) and the newest third baby, Roma (5 weeks). 

 A family of five jump and laugh and cuddle on their bed during this day in the life session in Somerset.

Even though it was our first meeting I was greeted with such warmth! They both gave me big hugs and I immediately felt so comfortable and like I’d known them for years.

They appear to be total pros at this parenting game. They are very calm and collected and laid back, and this chilled and happy energy is clearly having a very positive effect on the girls. Sienna and Aria were very content with anything they set their minds to. They played happily next to each other most of the morning, firstly with their beautiful giant dolls house that even Aria had to go on tippy toes to reach the top. They played with their play kitchen and they coloured in like the mini artists they are. 

 A shot through a door frame of daughter showing her father a picture she has drawn during this relaxed at-home photo session in Somerset.

Coffee was made in their fabulous American style filter coffee machine and there was a jolly buzz to this otherwise rainy Sunday morning in Somerset. I wondered if Warren felt outnumbered, now with a third baby. He said no but I imagine living in a family of four ladies is going to have its challenges down the line! I have a sneaky suspicion though that this laid-back Dad isn’t going to let much stress get to him.


Parenting is a stressful game with one, even more so with two, but surely having a third baby just tips the balance right? Not for these rock stars. Roma was breastfed by a standing Kerry as she helped the girls with their colouring and was later held and cuddled by Warren whilst he did some puzzles with the girls.

 A mother holds her new born baby close to her chest as she stands in her kitchen.

We barely heard a peep from Roma, but her big inquisitive and beautiful eyes told us she was very much aware of what was going on and was enjoying her weekend with her big sisters and Mummy and Daddy. What was most heart-warming was seeing the girls with her, so gentle and kind and curious. And so accepting of this new person in their family; you could already see their protectiveness over their littlest, tiny sister. 

 A close up shot of newborn baby being held by her mother whilst she breastfeeds during this newborn session in Somerset.

I really loved these guys! They are literally going with the flow of parenting and taking all the rough with the smooth and not letting any of the in-between crap get to them, which I think we could all do more of. Take more in our stride, slow down, and get perspective. 


I also loved how relaxed they were for me, we honestly got to a point where they forgot I was even there, which made for the most real and authentic family photographs. I almost forgot to mention their dog, female of course, who was also very chill! 


Kerry is quite an incredible woman. Not only has she grown and birthed three humans in her petite body, she is a stay at home mum and a really successful blogger. I honestly don’t know how she has the time. And has now taken on the challenge of vlog October (which is creating a vlog every day during October)! Kerry and Warren, I bow down to you guys. You have it sussed and I want to know your secret!


Here are some more images from the shoot! 

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