An Afternoon In The Life Of The Gale Family | Documentary Family Photography | Sussex UK


When I met the Gale Family just before Christmas for their documentary family photo shoot, I felt like I was walking into one of the most vibrant, colourful and warm families I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Naomi and Ali are wonderful wonderful parents to their three children: Arlo (almost three) and the twin girls Xanthe and Paloma (now a year old).

We started the shoot with lunch, and it was a delight watching these three siblings chatter away to each other in their own secret language while they ate. After lunch it was nap time and a breastfeed for the twins. Naomi is an absolute super woman, she has tandem breastfed her twins for over a year now and it was so beautiful to witness and capture.

After nap time we ventured out for a chilly sunset walk which was a wonderful opportunity to get some group shots and a family portrait of these super stars.

These two wonderful and loving parents are awake and so refreshingly open minded and unafraid to go against the ‘norm’. They have created a beautiful unconventional family through sperm donors and IVF. They are a strong family unit. Unshakable and unbreakable in their heart warming dedication to create unique family memories.

The fantastic five.

jess cheetham