day in the life


A Day In The Life session is exactly what it sounds like - I document your day from breakfast to bedtime and everything in between.

Your day is special. It is important. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is or how domestic or 'normal' it is, I want to capture it for you in all its delicious normal-ness!

There is so much beauty in normal life and the moments you'd never think to photograph; those are often the most precious. When I became a mum I didn't realise I would find such inspiration in being at home and domestic life. There really is something magical in these unposed, unscripted, real and raw life moments. The ordinary, which is actually extraordinary. You could be having breakfast, making the bed, baking, brushing teeth, shopping at the supermarket, watching a movie or playing hide and seek; whatever you're doing it's important. All you have to do is just be yourself (it really is a 'pretend I'm not here and do what you would normally do!' scenario).  

I guarantee you will feel at ease in my company and we can create your wonderfully beautiful story together.

These images will provide you with a snapshot of a moment in time; those expressions when they brush their teeth, or their sleepy faces first thing in the morning. These are the memories you will wish you had documentation of.



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